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Tea Tree Neroli Essential Oil Production and Processing Cosmetic Skin Care Factory

Tea Tree Neroli Essential Oil Production and Processing Cosmetic Skin Care Factory

The oil is made of dark amber glass with a slim black cap and a minimalist label design. The label prominently displays the TPELI logo and includes the product name "Orange Blossom" in a sleek, premium font. The label is also adorned with a simple illustration of an orange blossom branch, emphasizing the natural origin of the oil. The overall design is elegant and exclusive, appealing to consumers who value high-quality, natural products.

TPELI® Essential Oils - Your Natural Skin Care Experts

Tea Tree & Neroli Essential Oils - 10ml | Pure - Natural - Superior

Product selling points:
Focus on purity: Each bottle of TPELI essential oil is carefully refined from hand-selected raw materials to ensure the purity and efficiency of every drop of essential oil.
Unique formula: Combining traditional distillation techniques with modern science, our formula is designed to retain the original aroma and therapeutic effects of the plant.
Versatility: Not only suitable for personal care, our tea tree and neroli essential oils can also be used for home cleaning and air purification, providing a one-stop solution.

Product ingredient features:
Tea Tree Essential Oil: Contains natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as terpine and eucalyptol, which are suitable for helping reduce acne, skin inflammation and other skin problems.
Neroli Essential Oil: Rich in antioxidants and aromatic ingredients like limonene, it boosts mood while nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Factory business scope:
Customized production: We provide OEM and ODM services to meet the personalized needs of different customers.
Quality control: From raw material collection to final product packaging, we strictly control every link to ensure product quality meets international standards.
Environmental responsibility: We are committed to using sustainable production methods, reducing the impact on the environment, and supporting global environmental protection.

Tea tree essential oil: used as a local care, can be applied directly to problem areas of the skin; or added to daily skin care products to enhance its antibacterial and soothing effects.
Neroli essential oil: Add a few drops to warm water to wash your face to help brighten your skin tone; or add it to an aroma diffuser to create a relaxing home environment.

Why choose TPELI essential oil?
Safety Commitment: We guarantee no additives, no synthetic fragrances, and every bottle of essential oil is a safe and trustworthy choice.
Customer Service: We provide professional customer consultation services to help you choose the most suitable essential oil products.
Reliable partner: Our production base has many years of industry experience and is a trusted partner for global brands.

It is recommended to conduct a skin sensitivity test before use.
Please follow the guidelines for safe use of essential oils and consult a professional if you have any questions.

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