The processing trade manual procedures have been completed, and we will undertake the processing of global cosmetics incoming materials.

Dear customers and partners,

In today's globalized market, our factory not only successfully obtained the processing trade manual, but also passed the strict customs on-site audit, which marked the full launch of our global processing business. Our business not only covers a wide range of cosmetics processing fields, but also provides diversified services to meet the diverse needs of the international market.

1. Our factory’s processing business of supplied materials

Our factory focuses on providing high-quality processing services. We accept raw materials from all over the world, use our advanced equipment and professional technology to carry out refined processing, and finally export the processed cosmetic products to the global market. Our business covers the following main aspects:

Diversified product processing capabilities: Our processing scope includes but is not limited to skin care products, makeup, personal care products, etc. Our professional team has the ability to transform a variety of raw materials into high-quality finished products.

Customized services: We provide full-chain customization services from preliminary design to final products. Whether it is formulation development, packaging design, or final product production, we can provide personalized solutions based on our customers' specific needs.

Quality and Safety Assurance: We strictly abide by international quality standards to ensure the quality and safety of each batch of products. Our production processes are precision engineered to ensure consistent product results and quality.

2. Customs supervision and tax incentives

With a processing trade manual, we are not only strictly supervised by the customs to ensure the compliance of the processing process, but also enjoy preferential import and export tax policies. This advantage allows us to provide customers with more cost-effective processing services while ensuring high quality.

3. Future-oriented cooperation

We know that in today's increasingly fierce global competition, partners choose us not only because of our processing capabilities, but also because of our unremitting pursuit of quality and deep understanding of customer needs. We look forward to joining hands with global partners to jointly explore a broader market and achieve a win-win situation.

In this new era full of opportunities and challenges, let us work together to push our processing business to new heights.