Why choose our company?

The advantages we can bring to our clients:

- Share the core technology of each process from the acquisition of raw materials to the finished product

- Cost reduction through sales and production specialization

- Unique research and development technology with high professionalism

- Small-lot production of many varieties

- Shortened cycle time, reduced risk burden and quick response

- Designated product development to meet customer needs and interests

- Provide total marketing services such as market research, product planning, design development, and other professional systems

- Sharing of global technology and trends in the global network

(1) Hardware advantages:

Production environment advantages: 

100,000 dust-free purification workshop, 10,000 physical and chemical experiments

Production equipment advantages: 

all imported equipment

Product raw material advantage: 

100% original imported raw materials

Daily production capacity: 

200,000 bottles of skin care products and 300,000 masks

New product research and development advantage:

French doctoral-level research and development team + mainland master's-level formula blending team

Product richness advantage:

more than 3000 mature formulas

Factory management advantage:

four international certifications + internal ERP management software

Mature experience advantage:

15 years of cosmetic one-stop OEM/ODM brand output experience

Production inspection advantage:

10,000 physical and chemical laboratory, incoming material inspection, semi-finished product inspection, finished product inspection, third-party inspection of heavy metals, bacteria, centrifugal separation, anti-freeze and anti-heat

(2) Service advantages

Free assistance to customers for market analysis

Free brand marketing planning consultation

Free assistance to customers to design product structure and product planning

Free registered trademark and company registration

Provide three certificates for free

Free technical consultation on raw materials, recipes, packaging and production

Free quality inspection and health inspection services

Semi-finished products, finished products inspection and processing, packaging acceptance

Provide brand design and packaging design services for a fee


(3) Technical advantages

The company's formula system is supported by the French International Skin Care Center. The "computerized formula database" set up in the scientific research experiment center is always available for customers to choose, and a full set of modern laboratories introduce the latest daily chemical research instruments to ensure that customers' products are extremely competitive and vital in the market.

(4) Raw material advantage:

The company uses cosmetic raw materials from the world's largest cosmetic raw material providers, to improve the international level of products.


(5) Team advantage

Professional cosmetic market consultant team Professional cosmetic brand planning team Professional cosmetic R&D team