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Deep repair freeze-dried powder source factory manufacturer

Deep repair freeze-dried powder source factory manufacturer

Excellent performance:

Extremely hydrated, deeply locked in youth: Leveraging the cutting-edge science of micro-molecule hyaluronic acid, it penetrates the epidermal barrier and reaches the bottom of the skin to build an all-weather moisturizing wall, allowing your skin to be immersed in continuous water care, making it plump and full of vitality at all times. .

Acne marks fade away and blemishes are invisible: With high-concentration vitamin C derivatives as the core driving force, it exerts its excellent antioxidant magic to accelerate cell metabolism, gradually erase the acne marks left by the years, and restore the skin to its original smoothness and delicateness.

Glowing radiance and even skin tone: Carefully blended with high-efficiency niacinamide to accurately attack pigmentation, significantly improve the overall brightness of the skin, end uneven skin tone, restore the skin's natural brilliance, and shine with confidence.

Soothe and reduce stress, reduce redness and dissipate redness: Select the gifts of nature - aloe vera and licorice essence. The two work together to form a gentle but powerful protective shield, instantly alleviating external intrusions, effectively alleviating redness and swelling, and protecting the peace and stability of the skin.

Exploring core ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid: the king of moisturizing, layered nourishment, radiating skin's hydrating vitality from the inside out.
Vitamin C derivatives: Stably release whitening energy, fight off dullness, and build an anti-pollution defense line for the skin.
Niacinamide: an all-rounder in the skin care industry, it can whiten and strengthen the barrier at the same time, maintaining the perfect balance of water and oil in the skin.
Soothing Complex Essence: Derived from the wisdom of nature, aloe vera and licorice extracts work together to gently soothe sensitive skin and stimulate the skin's self-healing potential.

Instructions for use:

1、After cleansing, start the wonderful journey of freeze-dried powder.
2、Mix the matching solvent and shake gently until evenly combined.
3、Take an appropriate amount of liquid and gently pat it all over your face until it is completely penetrated, enjoying the deep nourishment of every inch of your skin.
4、It is recommended as the finale of night skin care, 2-3 times a week, to customize exclusive luxury care for the skin.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for a wide range of skin types, especially sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and beauty lovers who pursue an even and bright skin tone, so that every soul who desires beauty can find exclusive care and transformation here.

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