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Customized Makeup Holding Waterproof Foundation OEM Manufacturer ODM

Customized Makeup Holding Waterproof Foundation OEM Manufacturer ODM


  • Provides a natural and light makeup feeling: The bubble water foundation has a rich bubble texture, which can quickly turn into a light and delicate liquid foundation when used, bringing you a natural and light makeup feeling, making the skin look more clear and natural.
  • Efficiently covering blemishes: Its special formula makes it have excellent covering power, which can effectively cover blemishes, spots and pores, so that the skin shows an even and smooth complexion.
  • Long-lasting makeup: Bubble water foundation adopts a long-lasting formula, so that it can keep the makeup perfect for a long time, not easy to take off makeup, and make your makeup look like new for a long time.
  • Moisturizing: Adding moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, the bubble water foundation can moisturize the skin, prevent dryness and peeling, and bring you a moisturizing makeup effect.

Features and advantages:

  • Unique bubble texture: The bubble water foundation adopts a unique bubble texture design, which makes the use more interesting and innovative. Simply shake the bottle to generate bubbles and apply makeup easily.
  • Light and breathable: Its texture is light and breathable, without heavy feeling, allowing the skin to breathe naturally and wearing makeup comfortably.
  • Variety of color options: Bubble water foundation provides a variety of color options, suitable for different skin tones and makeup needs, allowing you to have more choices.
  • Easy to carry: Small and portable packaging design, you can touch up makeup anytime and anywhere, so that your makeup is always perfect.

How to use:

  1. Shake the bottle before use to distribute the bubbles evenly.
  2. Take an appropriate amount of Bubble Water Foundation on the back of your hand or on a makeup sponge.
  3. Gently dab onto face with fingertips or makeup sponge and spread evenly.
  4. To cover imperfections, focus on areas of need.
  5. After use, if you feel too dry, you can pat it again to replenish water.


  • If it gets into eyes accidentally, please rinse with water immediately.
  • Do not use on injured or broken skin.
  • If any discomfort or allergy occurs, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor for advice.
  • Please keep the product out of the reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion.

Bubble water foundation allows you to have a natural and light makeup, long-lasting makeup, covers blemishes, and brings you a moisturizing and brightening makeup effect. Choose our bubbly water foundation to keep your makeup looking perfect all the time!

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