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Amino acid niacinamide mousse body wash factory processing

Amino acid niacinamide mousse body wash factory processing

Main ingredients:

Niacinamide: Rich in vitamin B3, it helps improve skin texture, reduce skin inflammation, and leave skin smooth and soft.

Algae: Rich in minerals and antioxidants, it helps to nourish and protect the skin, providing delicate care.

Amino Acids: A fundamental component of protein that provides nourishment and hydration, increasing skin's elasticity and radiance.

Features and Benefits:

Amino Acid Cleansing Power: Amino acids are gentle and effective cleansing ingredients that gently cleanse the skin, removing impurities and oils without damaging the skin's natural barrier.
Niacinamide Nourishing and Repairing: Niacinamide has nourishing and repairing properties that improve skin texture, reduce inflammatory reactions, and leave skin softer and healthier.
Protective and nourishing macroalgae: Rich in minerals and antioxidants, macroalgae provides the nutrition and protection your skin needs to increase its hydration and elasticity.
Mousse texture: The mousse-like texture of this body wash makes it easy to spread and apply, providing a silky touch and a pleasant bathing experience.


Directions for use:

Apply an appropriate amount of Mousse Body Wash to the palm of your hand or bath ball.
Add water and scrub to create a rich lather.
Apply the foam evenly on wet body skin.
Massage gently over the entire body for a comfortable massage.
Rinse thoroughly with water to ensure complete removal of the body wash.
Amino Acid, Niacinamide Mousse Body Wash provides a gentle yet effective cleansing experience. Its unique formula combines niacinamide, macroalgae and amino acids to nourish, repair and protect the skin. The mousse texture of the body wash makes it easy to use and gives you a silky smooth bathing experience. Whether it's for daily care or a relaxing bath time, the Amino Acid, Niacinamide Mousse Body Wash provides a great bathing experience.


Skin Type: All Skin Types
Volume: 2 bottles/set
Color:  Blue, Pink
Minimum order quantity:  5000 pieces
Delivery time:  15-30 days after deposit
Payment method:  T/T, L/C, credit card, etc.
Application: Suitable for all skin types, suitable for daily use
Shipping method: Sea or air freight
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