How to choose the liquid foundation that suits you?

In the world of makeup, liquid foundation is hailed as the cornerstone of the makeup look, it provides an even base to the skin and corrects uneven skin tone and blemishes. However, with so many different types of liquid foundations on the market, how to choose the one that suits you has become a challenge. This article will start from a professional point of view and analyze in detail how to choose the liquid foundation that suits you.

1. Consider skin color and skin type:

Before choosing a liquid foundation, the first step is to understand your skin tone and skin type. Different skin tones require different shades, and skin type affects the choice of texture for liquid foundation. Dry skin needs a liquid foundation with moisturizing ingredients, while oily skin needs a lighter texture.

2. Determine the color and brightness:

The color number is the core of liquid foundation selection. The color number is usually composed of numbers and letters, the number indicates the degree of depth, and the letter indicates the brightness. Make sure to choose a shade that matches your skin tone to avoid an unnatural finish.

3. Consider coverage and radiance:

Choose the right coverage and gloss according to your personal needs. High-coverage liquid foundation can cover blemishes such as acne and pigmentation, while glossy products can create a natural makeup look.

4. Consider texture type:

The texture of liquid foundation varies by brand and type. Liquid foundations are light and natural, suitable for everyday makeup, while cream or gel foundations are suitable for occasions that require higher coverage. Choose the right texture according to your personal needs and makeup style.

5. Analytical components:

Read the ingredient list of your liquid foundation carefully to avoid ingredients that may irritate your skin, such as alcohol or fragrances. A good liquid foundation should contain moisturizers, antioxidants and possibly sun protection to help protect the skin from external damage.

6. Consider the function of sun protection:

Some liquid foundations contain sunscreen ingredients, providing a convenient way to provide daily UV protection. If you want to incorporate sun protection into your makeup, choose products with adequate SPF, especially for outdoor activities.

7. Conduct a trial test:

Always do a trial test before buying. Apply a small amount of foundation to the cheekbones and observe the effect in natural light. Make sure that the liquid foundation blends with the skin, whether it causes discomfort, and whether it lasts.

8. Consider branding and word of mouth:

Choose a liquid foundation of a well-known brand, and usually get a higher quality assurance. At the same time, check other users' comments and word of mouth to understand the actual effect and usage experience of the product.


Choosing the right foundation requires consideration of many factors. By understanding your skin tone and skin type, choosing the right color, texture and concealer effect, carefully analyzing the ingredients, and conducting trials and tests, you will be able to find the most suitable liquid foundation for you. The right liquid foundation can not only enhance the makeup, but also reveal the healthy and natural skin state. Please remember that choosing the right liquid foundation is one of the key steps in creating a beautiful makeup, and choosing a professional perspective to analyze and explain will help you make more informed purchasing decisions.

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