Nature and Unity--The company held a day trip to Xihe Forest Park for group building activities

June 2, 2017

  The company held an unforgettable one-day group building activity at the Stream River Forest Park to strengthen team cohesion and promote communication and cooperation among employees.

  In this special group building activity, the employees of the company gathered in the Stream River Forest Park, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and in close contact with nature. They spent a day together full of laughter, challenges and unity.

  The event began with team members participating in a series of well-designed teamwork games and challenges. These games were designed to develop teamwork, communication skills and problem-solving abilities. By facing the challenges together, the employees deepened their understanding and trust with each other, broke down the barriers between departments and formed a tightly-knit team.

  Afterwards, everyone had an exciting outdoor adventure activity. In the beautiful Xiliu River Forest Park, the employees jointly hiked through the forest and climbed the steep slopes to challenge their physical strength and courage. This process not only allowed the employees to enjoy the beauty of nature, but also enhanced the team cohesion and sense of cooperation.

  During the lunch time, the company arranged a sumptuous picnic. The employees gathered together to taste delicious food and share laughter and happiness. This relaxing moment made everyone get closer and feel the friendship and warmth between each other.

  In the final stage of the activity, the team members had an exciting and interesting team development project. They divided into groups and demonstrated teamwork and innovative thinking through various challenges and tasks. This session not only increased the interaction and competition among team members, but also exercised problem-solving skills and team spirit.

  The company's group building activity ended successfully with laughter. The top management of the company appreciated the active participation and the spirit of unity and cooperation of the staff. They believed that this one-day trip to the Xiliu River Forest Park not only strengthened the team's cohesiveness and cooperation, but also provided an opportunity for the employees to relax and grow together.

  The general manager of the company said, "This group building activity is part of our company culture, which aims to encourage teamwork and interaction among employees. Through close contact with nature and various team activities, our employees bonded more closely together and formed a stronger and more coordinated team. We believe that this spirit of unity and cooperation will further drive the growth and success of our company."

  The reunion activities not only make the employees feel fully cared for and supported by the company, but also create a pleasant team atmosphere and positive working environment for them. Such activities not only help improve employee morale and work efficiency, but also create a more harmonious and energetic corporate culture for the company.

  The company will continue to promote teamwork and employee development activities to provide more opportunities for employees to develop their leadership skills and innovative thinking. The company will continue to strive to create a positive, passionate and supportive work environment for each other.

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